Pulex Irritans is very important for the treatment of urinary diseases and women’s problems related to the uterus. The patient of Pulex is very short-tempered and easily provoked. The patient develops headache in the frontal area with the feeling that his eyes are really big. The face is wrinkled, showing signs of premature ageing.  There is metallic taste in the mouth. There is a feeling of hair sticking in the throat. The patient feels unusually thirsty especially when suffering from headache. The patient’s breath has an offensive smell.  Stomach upset is associated with severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. The stools smell offensive. The abdomen is distended with gas.

Urinary symptoms are very important. The patient needs to pass urine frequently, though the urine is scanty. The patient needs to rush to the lavatory, lest he wets his clothes. There is pressure on the bladder and a burning sensation along the urethra. Sometimes, the urine may stop altogether, causing severe discomfort in the urinary bladder. The urine smells offensive. In women, the discomfort and irritation in the bladder before the onset of the menstrual period, the late onset of the period, excessive salivation in the mouth and severe vaginal burning, are exemplary symptoms of Pulex to be treated with Pulex. There is an excessive amount of vaginal discharge which is very odorous and stains the undergarments yellowish green. These stains are difficult to remove even with a lot of washing. The backache resembles that of Oxalic Acid. The skin smells. The patient feels better on sitting and lying down. The discomfort increases on walking, and is felt more on the left side of the body.  One characteristic of Pulex is very important whether its other symptoms are present or not, i.e. Pulex is extraordinarily effective in controlling the sudden urge to urinate (urgency). The patients wake up frequently in order to urinate. The remedy decreases the frequency and significantly prolongs their sleep. It reduces the bad smell of urine and clears its colour.

Pulex is very useful in the treatment of women’s cancer of the uterus and liver. It restores the functioning of the internal lining of the uterus. If chronic inflammation of the uterus (endometritis) and the inflammation of the ovaries prevent pregnancy, then the treatment with Pulex over a period of few months can reasonably brighten the chances of conception.