Natrum Sulph, which is made of two elements i.e. Sodium and Sulphur, has the ability to produce important internal body changes. It is intimately related to the liver and is very useful in diabetes.  Natrum Sulph given once or twice a week, in potency 200, along with Calcarea Phos, Kali Phos and Natrum Phos, three to four times a day in 6X potency, has proven to be a widely effective formula for diabetes. Sometimes all these four remedies can be given in 6X potency with good results.

The symptoms of Natrum Sulph appear before midnight. In wet weather the symptoms become worse. Natrum Sulph patients are of very sensitive nature, physically as well as mentally. They are extremely sensitive to pain that is relieved on movement. The entire body seems to be hurting. The catarrhal conditions become more pronounced during spring. Natrum Sulph is an excellent homoeopathic remedy to protect against deep internal ill effects of a head injury. Natrum Sulph, in combination with Arnica, is very useful for the treatment of an old head injury. During birth, sometimes, the baby’s head comes under severe pressure. Such babies must immediately be given Natrum Sulph through the mother’s milk, so that the ill effects of the pressure may be averted and the child saved from becoming mentally deficient.

Natrum Sulph is also the best remedy for asthma, particularly in those patients, whose asthma becomes worse in humid weather. It starts with the nasal catarrh, which soon becomes worse and then invades the chest, leading to the onset of asthma. The cough with a lot of phlegm is accompanied by severe difficulty in breathing. The phlegm (expectoration) is whitish and sticky. The patient becomes short of breath on slight movement or walking.

In Natrum Sulph, there is a tendency of mole formation on the entire body. Eczema over the head is also a characteristic symptom of Natrum Sulph. Red spots form too. Eyes sensitive to light respond well to Natrum Sulph. The eyes tend to water. If water flows out of one eye, associated with pain at the nape of the neck on the same side, this is an early sign of glaucoma.

For this, Calcarea Phos and Gelsemium are the best remedies.  However, if the water flows out of both eyes and the eyesight has become weak then Natrum Sulph is the best treatment. If the eyes become yellowish and badly infected, with the formation of greenish coloured pus making the eyelids stick together, even then Natrum Sulph can be effective. Noises in the ear, associated with a feeling of pressure in the ear will also benefit from Natrum Sulph, if the patient is of Natrum Sulph constitution.

In Natrum Sulph, the ailments are more prevalent on the right side of the body than the left. If there is a tendency of nosebleeds, either before or after the menses, Natrum Sulph is well worth a trial. Natrum Sulph is also used during an epidemic of influenza. It may also be of significant use for the treatment of the gums receding from the teeth; infection of the throat, with the formation of thick sticky phlegm and the feeling of suffocation or shortness of breath on walking fast. Natrum Sulph is also useful in the treatment of goitre. Natrum Sulph is deeply related to the tonsils. If the glands have become enlarged and swollen inwardly and the patient vomits sour greenish material, then Natrum Sulph happens to be the unique homoeopathic remedy.

Natrum Sulph given regularly can even dissolve stones in the gall bladder. The other important remedy for this disease is Lycopodium in 200 potency, which with Chelidonium 30, should be given three times a day. If the stomach becomes distended with gas and there are griping pains or the abdominal glands have become enlarged and hardened, then also, Natrum Sulph is very beneficial.  When person contracts sudden diarrhoea on exposure to heat and the stools are copious offensive and greenish in colour and explosive; then besides many other possible remedies, Natrum Sulph can also be useful. Natrum Sulph is considered to be one of the best treatments for liver disorders. Frequent nocturnal urinat ion that is not due to diabetes may well be treated with Natrum Sulph.Sometimes, either due to nervousness or due to change in weather, the patient urinates several times during the night. For this problem, Arsenic and other nerve related remedies could prove to be more beneficial. If one fails to work, then based on the situation, other remedies should be tried.

If the prostate gland becomes enlarged and other symptoms of Natrum Sulph are also present in the patient, then Natrum Sulph alone is sufficient to cure the disease. However, it would be better if Natrum Phos 30 or 200 potency is also given with Natrum Sulph.  A rattling of the chest due to sticky phlegm, deep severe pain in the chest on coughing, and a cough having become chronic, may all well respond to treatment with Natrum Sulph. The patient aspires to be able to take a deep breath. The chest hurts, especially on the left side.  Natrum Sulph is an excellent treatment for meningitis or swelling of the brain (encephalitis). If a child develops meningitis, then first of all he should be treated with Ferrum Phos, Silicea, Kali Mur, Mag Phos and Kali Phos in 6X potency. At the same time, Natrum Sulph in 200 potency should also be given two to three times a day. This prescription has proven to be very effective in the treatment of meningitis. If meningitis is not treated promptly, epileptic fits may ensue which may even become permanent. Especially if the fever is suppressed with antibiotics, then there is danger of long-lasting effects on the brain. Therefore, only the above stated prescription for meningitis including Natrum Sulph should be used. Meningitis may be cured within a few days.

Body aches generally become worse during humid weather. Natrum Sulph is also useful in the treatment of joint pains, which aggravate during winter and also against severe body aches due to fever.  Natrum Sulph can also be useful to treat the warts on the hands and arms. Natrum Sulph in 6X potency has proven to be an extraordinarily useful treatment of eczema on the palms of the hands and the wet eczema between the fingers. Even if a disease has become chronic, it can be cured with low potency Natrum Sulph.  However at times, based on the symptoms and constitution of the patient, it becomes necessary to change the potency of the medicine.

Like Sulphur, in Natrum Sulph, there is a feeling of intense heat on the top of the head. After eating there is severe pain over the forehead, characterized further by the heaviness in the head, pain at the nape of the neck and dizziness.One symptom of Natrum Sulph is that the roots of the nails become inflamed (Paronychia). There is a burning sensation over the heels, and tightness and stiffness of the knee joints. Pain in the hip joints, hands and feet aggravate during humid weather. Natrum Sulph plays an important role in maintaining the fluid imbalance in the body (i.e.  between the blood and intra-cellular and interstitial compartments).