Carboneum Sulphuratum

Carboneum Sulph contains the elements of Sulphur and Carbon, therefore it profoundly affects the functioning of the human body. Its range of action is very wide and it is useful in the treatment of deepseated illnesses.The patient of Carboneum Sulph, like that of Carbo Veg, enjoys open fresh air. Though his body may be cold, he would still like to keep the windows open for the want of oxygen. Carboneum Sulph contains Sulphur, which has a completely opposite effect. Its patient likes to keep the windows open, but cannot tolerate drafts of air. As in many other Homoeopathic remedies, the patient feels heaviness on the chest while going up the stairs and feels very weak. The discomfort of the chest behind the sternum may very well be due to angina, therefore it should not be neglected; instead it should be clinically evaluated and investigated. The pressure of the chest is not always necessarily due to a heart problem. It may well be due to disorders of the nervous system, lungs or stomach. Thus, the pressure of the chest is not a diagnostic sign in itself.

The symptoms of a Carboneum Sulph patient aggravate on taking a bath that is due to the element of Sulphur in it in which there is a dislike for taking a bath. It should however be remembered, that a patient of pure Sulphur is simply scared of bathing, but his symptoms are not aggravated on taking a bath, while the symptoms of a Carboneum Sulph patient actually aggravate on taking a bath.  Some Homoeopathic physicians have opined that Carboneum Sulph is the best treatment for a severe type of Lupus of the face, it can, in fact, cure the condition. I am of the opinion that it should be further tested. I have myself done a lot of study on this matter, but have not found any specific correlation of Carboneum Sulph to Lupus to distinguish this from other remedies.

Carboneum Sulph has been found to prevent the spread of cancer also. Carbon and Sulphur together have a profound effect on the human body. The remedy, which could cure a serious illness like Lupus, must obviously be strong and profoundly effective. Every kind of cancer needs to be treated by one particular medicine.  However, some medicines are such that they can stop the spread of all cancers for a year or two. In that period, an appropriate remedy may be found. Carboneum Sulph, Arsenic Iodide and Graphite are the three top remedies of this nature. For cancer of the skin, Pyrogenium and Psorinum are also useful. Their patients have an individual and specific constitution of their own. When the know-how about a patient is limited, the treatment should be started with Arsenic Iodide, which is also very useful in the treatment of cancer of intestines.  Carboneum Sulph is also related to joint pains, especially when they are chronic in nature. Carboneum Sulph will gradually offer cure. In Carboneum Sulph, there are cramps in the arms and the legs, along with repeated episodes of long-lasting, undulating pain. The arms and hands become numb and the nerves become inflamed.  The elements of Carbon and Sulphur in the Carboneum Sulph have completely opposite symptoms. Sulphur is hot, while carbon is of a cold nature. In Carbon, the patient feels cold and is cold, though internally he may have a burning sensation in some places. In Sulphur there is a feeling of constant heat, which becomes part of one’s life.  The hands, feet and scalp burn, as in Pulsatilla. However, in Pulsatilla, there is no thirst while a patient of Sulphur feels very thirsty. A patient of Carboneum Sulph cannot tolerate cold. He falls ill as soon as his feet become cold. The feet of a Carboneum Sulph type of patient must always be kept warm.

Some of the symptoms of Carboneum Sulph resemble those of Arnica. In Arnica, the patient feels badly beaten all over, irrespective of being physically injured or not. The Carboneum Sulph pain is also of similar nature. Carboneum Sulph is very important in the treatment of psychological symptoms. Such a patient is aggressive, intolerant, has intense anger, is unable to distinguish between right and wrong, and has a tendency towards committing suicide. The scalp is dry, with dandruff and the hair tends to fall. Carboneum Sulph is also very useful in the treatment of diseases of the eyelids, especially when the patient is of the appropriate constitution In Carboneum Sulph, the headache is mostly on the left side, but may also be on the right. Commonly, it is only one-sided. Weak eyesight and inability to distinguish between colours is also a symptom of Carboneum Sulph. In a patient of Carboneum Sulph, the discharge from the ears is foul smelling and mixed with blood. The hearing decreases, along with ringing in the ears (tinnitus). Due to the involvement of ears, the person feels dizzy. The tongue becomes insensitive. Along with itching, small ulcers form which then spread. Pimples appear on the face. A special feature of Carboneum Sulph is the insensitivity of the lining of the skin and the inner linings (mucus membranes). The skin also becomes insensitive. The numbness of the inside of the mouth and especially of the tongue is very pronounced. The nerve fibres under the skin and the mucus membranes become afflicted, causing insensitivity of the surfaces.  The teeth become very sensitive to cold once their nerve endings become exposed. On exposure to cold air, the symptoms pertaining to the teeth and the face become aggravated, and there is increased sensitivity, not only at the nerve endings of the teeth, but on the entire face. The generalised, firm enlargement of the glands also is found in Carboneum Sulph. Carboneum Sulph is useful in the treatment of many sexual weaknesses of men as well as women. The ovaries shrink in size, which in fact is a precursor of cancer. In this condition, Carboneum Sulph should better be instituted in relatively high potency like 200.

Carboneum Sulph will cure the stiffness of the toes and the ankles if

the patient is of Carboneum Sulph constitution.